Name: Lyn Rohde

Categories: Painting / Drawing



Lyn was born in Dublin and as a child lived in Germany, England and France. Educated in France and then at boarding school in England, her childhood interest in art was fostered not only by early tuition but also with the encouragement of the French painter, Dunoyer de Segonzac.

Lyn completed her Foundation Couse in Art at Kingston Polytechnic in 1983. She gained her Honours Degree in Fine Art (Painting) at Wimbledon School of Art (now part of the University of the Arts, London) in July 1986. She has exhibited her work at various venues in the UK and had her first solo show in 1986.

Lyn lived for several years in France and then moved to London. She has lived in Kemptown, Brighton since 2006.

'I’m inspired by my immediate environment – the curvaceous form of a vase, the shape and colours of a flower, the pattern on a tablecloth. I am inspired by music and dance. I find inspiration in places I visit – absorbing the atmosphere, the sounds of life, colours, the interesting shapes of buildings and rooftops. Back in my studio, working from sketches and photographs, I begin by drawing a balanced composition. Using a bright palette, the painting slowly grows. Applying flat, bright areas of colour and with a strong rhythm of line, the subject matter takes on a new life, bringing a sense of harmony, joy (and often humour) to places, flowers and objects in my life – there is plenty of joie de vivre to make you happy and to make you smile.'

Currently showing at:
Blanch House Hotel - Atlingworth Street, Kemptown, BN2 1PL
Mange Tout - 81 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4LB

Top right: 'The Crown' - gouache, framed, 24" x 18", £250.
Top left: 'Decorators' - gouache, framed, 24" x 18", £250.
Middle right: 'Birdhouse' - oil on canvas, framed, 16" x 16", £200.
Middle left: 'Olives' - oil on canvas, framed, 100cm x 100cm.
Bottom right: 'Stairscape' - oil on canvas, 40" x 60", £350.
Bottom left: 'Brighton' - oil on canvas, 40" x 60", £350.
Prices: Original paintings from £120, limited edition prints from £15 (unframed).
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