Name: Jay Collins

Categories: Painting | Drawing


JAY COLLINS graduated twelve years ago with a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree followed by a Certificate in Printmaking. Her paintings have been selected for prizes and for exhibitions, e.g. Sussex Open 2003, Chichester Open, Southern Open, Worthing Open 2006 and 2008 and by the BBC Year of the Artist programme and Meridian Television. She was short listed for the national 50 over 50 exhibition and in 2012 won the Brighton Fringe Visual Arts Prize.

Being primarily an urban landscape artist, her paintings and prints owe something to the influence of recent great painters in this field, i.e. Hopper, Lowry and Piper, whose work is imbued with atmosphere and is rooted in their environment. As with Piper, there is architecture and colour, like Lowry there are the eccentricities of the English and like Hopper there is also a certain melancholy.

As a local artist, Jay was among the first in Kemp Town to open her studio in 2002 to the general public each year during the May Brighton Festival.

Above: 'Decorative Hove' - gouache, 24" x 18". Price £600, giclee £150.
Below: 'The Tiger's Nest, Bhutan' - ink and wash. Price £100.
Above: 'Homeless, Grand Parade' - gouache. Price £500.
Below: 'The Other Side of London Road' - gouache, size 60 x 50 cm. Price £500.
Above: 'Duke of York's' - gouache. Price £500.
Below: 'The Great Eastern' - gouache, 20" x 20". Price £600, giclee £150.
Above: 'The Web' - gouache, size 45 x 55 cm.
Below: 'Drinks at the Fortune of War' - gouache, size 60 x 50 cm.
Prices: Gouaches - £450 - £500
Above: 'Brighton Graffitti' - oil, size 150 x 95 cm.
Left: 'Volks Engine House' - gouache, size 60 x 50 cm.
Prices: Gouaches - £450 - £500, Oils - £950.
Above: 'Hove Vertical' - gouache.
Left: 'Crown & Sun' - gouache.
Prices: £600.
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