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Funds for the Kemp Town Artist's Gallery have been provided by the original Kemp Town Artists Houses, an independent group set up in 2001-2002. At that time, the artists produced their own brochure, distributed it, advertised as a group in the Festival brochure and galvanised considerable support from the local community. As a result, the Kemp Town trail attracted large numbers of visitors during the Brighton Festival.
The Gallery will operate in the same spirit of service to the community: i.e.

It is a non-profit making initiative run mostly by volunteers at a minimal cost.

The Gallery is open to all artists resident in Kemp Town – painters, printers, ceramicists, sculptors, installation artists – to show their work and sell direct (no commission is taken).

It will provide information on exhibitions (as it becomes available) and advice on how to participate in the Brighton Festival.

News and comments from both artists and the public about the arts in general and in Brighton, as well as opinions on the Gallery, will also be featured on the News page. 

Tell us what you think
You don't have to be an artist to send us your comments and suggestions. We appreciate input from members of the public too. Why not tell us which work has particularly caught your eye? Or perhaps you have information about opportunities to hold exhibitions. Visit our contact page for details of how you can get in touch and have your say.

PLEASE NOTE: While every care has been taken to exclude offensive material or copying, the Kemp Town Gallery is not responsible for the images or text on individual artists' pages. 

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